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Boxsmart is one of the largest dealers of used gaylord boxes in the U.S with an inventory that consist of over 20 styles of used gaylord boxes and over 5,000 good, quality used gaylords in inventory.

Heavy duty gaylord boxes are typically used to ship plastic regrind, scrap metal, clothing, produce or any other bulk material. We carry gaylords that are single wall gaylord boxes that are perfect for larger, lighter weight items and thicker 4-5 wall gaylord boxes that work great for heavier scrap metal and bulk regrind.

Common uses for used gaylord boxes:

  • Scrap metals
  • Plastic regrind
  • Produce
  • General recycling
  • Heavy/large parts
  • Resin
  • Any Bulk Items

Gaylords are also referred to as corrugated bins, heavy duty boxes, jumbo boxes, bulk totes, pallet boxes, gaylord totes, produce bins, octagonal bins.

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