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Typically, our customers are:


  • Manufacturers
  • Bottlers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Traditional Recyclers


On average, we will pay 48% more for your scrap cardboard. We reuse the boxes and therefore are able to offer a much higher rate compared to traditional scrap rates.



We are able to offer significantly more for your reusable cardboard and a competitive scrap rate for the corrugate that is not reusable.

Our process is very simple. Instead of baling your loose cardboard, simply place the cardboard on a pallet and BOXSMART will pick up as needed with no additional transportation or pull charges. We can customize a program to meet the specific needs for each of our vendors. If you are working with a traditional recycler, we can partner with them to implement our program with no disruption to your current operation. If needed, continue sending scrap cardboard to the recycler and we will reclaim your reusable corrugated.

If you have a baler installed, you will no longer have to pay dedicated employees to run the baler full-time thus reducing or eliminating costly and unsafe baling activities.

Boxsmart offers various programs that best fit your operations. We also offer different pricing options that suit your company best (per ton vs. per piece).

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