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Discount Boxes: Value for Customers, Low Impact on Environment, and Great for the Community


BOXSMART can offer your company the opportunity to save significantly on corrugated cardboard boxes (Up to 75% savings on used boxes, wholesale boxes, and discount boxes vs. new, custom boxes) and packaging supplies while helping to reduce the impact and carbon footprint you leave on the environment. BOXSMART also provides work to over 500 physically and mentally challenged adults in various communities throughout the country in our sorting and processing centers.

We took the typical recycling model focused on baling scrap corrugated for export to foreign markets for reprocessing, and turned it into a system that would benefit our environment on a local level. We call it Reclaim–Resort–Reuse. There is no reprocessing in our high level recycling system and we don’t export. High level recycling reduces our carbon footprint while relieving the strain put on our natural forests… It’s the Evolution of Recycling!

We pride ourselves on working toward being one of the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible companies in the U.S. We set up high level recycling programs in an effort to reclaim used boxes, obsolete corrugated cardboard boxes and corrugated sheets that would otherwise be baled and shipped to foreign markets for reprocessing. A significant portion of what we reclaim is resorted and reused in its original form, creating the highest level of recycling. By finding another use for the material (reuse) we can pay more than traditional recyclers, therefore generating more revenue for companies with bulk scrap corrugated.

Buyers of our used boxes are looking to ship their goods from point A to B in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method possible. We offer a huge savings vs. traditional box sources, and we carry inventory that is available for immediate shipment and quick delivery.

Socially Responsible – Our Proudest Achievement

In addition to the tremendous cost savings and numerous environmental benefits, BOXSMART is one of the more socially responsible companies in the country. We currently utilize various non-profit workshops that offer work to physically and mentally challenged adults in the sorting and assembly stages. Currently we provide work to over 500 physically and mentally challenged adults throughout the county.

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