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At Tilly’s, we truly value our vendor partnerships and the relationship we have with Boxsmart is no exception. For at least three years now, Boxsmart has provided excellent service to our team in both the recycled and made to order box markets. Ryan Lambert works with team members here to assess needs and plan for seasonal peaks. There is solid communication which supports just in time delivery to meet our corrugate needs and on those occasional times when a change in plans (usually an increase in forecast) drives a change in need, Ryan and his team at Boxsmart are at the ready to patiently respond to our crisis call. Boxsmart supports our sustainability efforts by providing recycled and overrun corrugate boxes and the cost savings to the bottom line are an added perk. Our comfort level with Boxsmart is such that we are looking into other opportunities to partner with their organization and we are finding that they have unique, integrated solutions to support the retail business including nationwide sort alternatives for hangers. Boxsmart succeeds by putting the customer first, listening attentively to needs and then delivering quality service which drives repeat business. Thanks to Ryan and the team at Boxsmart for making our working relationship one that just feels right!

Doug Childers
Director of Distribution



I have been doing business with Boxsmart since 2010. They handle my orders in a very timely manner and always with a high level of professionalism. Ryan Lambert is fantastic at communicating with me regarding my orders and he always makes himself available to answer any questions that I may have. The level of customer service that I receive from him, and from everyone at Boxsmart, is refreshing.

Vinci De Aleo
Big Lots
Administrative Assistant


We have had a relationship with BOXSMART for two years. We have always received excellent service and a quality product with ever BOXSMART order. We are very price driven and BOXSMART has given us the best price for better quality product then our other venders in the past. I am most impressed with the service I receive from BOXSMART, in that they will go the extra mile to insure our delivery. On more than one occasion we were in desperate need of boxes and our order was emailed after hours. BOXSMART made sure we got our order by running a second delivery just for us to insure we got our product and had no interruption to production on my end. I thank BOXSMART for their efforts and quality service.


Michael Barth
Warehouse Manager



I handle all purchasing for our facility in Chandler, AZ. Boxsmart has been our provider vendor since June 2012 and we rely on the Used Gaylords to run our everyday operations within our facility.

Upon my first point of contact with Boxsmart, they introduced themselves and scheduled a face to face meeting the next week to review all products and services their company provides. They’re always very cordial in their emails, concise and make every effort to follow up on purchase orders within the same day. The pricing for the used Gaylords is very reasonable and consistent. We would like to see formal quotes before invoices, as Boxsmart follows a “landed” price, depending on final Gaylord counts. As we rely on a fast turn-around for this product, Boxsmart is reliable and efficient in processing our orders. When requested, Boxsmart provides the actual estimated times of delivery which he coordinates around our warehouse hours, so we are able to receive the shipment. We encourage and share the same environmentally conscious ideas in our business practices, and appreciate the “Reclaim, Resort, Reuse” concept. Cloud Blue values the reliability Boxsmart demonstrates in providing durable, used Gaylords and we will continue to utilize product, as it is a huge contributor to the functionality of our facility.

Jennifer Lambert
Cloud Blue Technologies
Administrative Assistant



It has been a great experience working with Boxsmart. Goodwill of Southern Arizona has really appreciated the last minute efforts and planned orders as well.
Having Boxsmart a city away makes it much easier to receive and be able to supply our demand when you have it in stock. I have spoken with Boxsmart on supplying us with 600 per quarter or more this would help us immensely.
It would make my job easier because #1 I enjoy working with Boxsmart and #2 I am happy with the (product) melons/Gaylord’s I receive. And finally #3 Most important it would save Goodwill a lot of money on the freight charges that we are spending when we purchase them out of state. It is a win …win….. I appreciate you wanting our feedback this lets us know you value Goodwill as a customer. I hope what I have written here can help us continue to do business together in the months ahead.

Lisa Sarmiento
Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona
District Manager – After Retail



HVF West has been a customer of Boxsmart since 2004. We appreciate the fast delivery and excellent customer service that we have always received. Keep up the outstanding job that your company is known for!!

Lisa Wynd
HVF West



We have been using the Boxsmart company for over ten years and have always found them to be both accommodating and helpful in all of our dealings. I have no doubt that our relationship will continue to be so in the future.

Ron Gillespie
Assistant Manager