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On average, we’ll pay 91% more for your scrap cardboard.

When you buy used boxes from us, you’ll save an average of 43%!

What We Do

Boxsmart offers companies the opportunity to participate in the evolution of recycling by providing programs that increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprints, while offering buyers significantly lower prices than traditional
box sources and sellers a recycling program that can greatly increase revenue for scrap corrugated boxes, corrugated sheets and used gaylord boxes.

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Buy Used Boxes

Boxsmart carries a huge inventory of deeply discounted, close-out boxes, obsolete boxes and used boxes (including cardboard shipping boxes and used gaylord boxes) offering you the opportunity to cut your cost drastically on corrugated cardboard boxes for your shipping and distribution needs. Our used gaylord inventory consist of 20 different styles with over 5,000 gaylords in stock.

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Sell Used Boxes

Boxsmart’s high level recycling program can turn your scrap corrugated boxes and obsolete box inventory into significantly more revenue than traditional recycling efforts. We reduce your labor cost and pay significantly more for scrap corrugated material without any expensive equipment to buy or maintain. If you have obsolete or used boxes we can provide you with a green alternative to traditional recycling.

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Eliminate Scrap

We’ll take all of your scrap – that includes cardboard, plastic, and metal. We’ll do the sorting – always looking for good used boxes where we can pay you a premium above typical recycling rates.

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