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The Evolution of Recycling

Sell Us Your Used and Obsolete Corrugated Material

We set up high level recycling programs that pay you significantly more for scrap corrugated cardboard than traditional recycling. Boxsmart is looking to buy used corrugated boxes and obsolete boxes as well as gaylords boxes and corrugated sheets.

Rather than creating recycled boxes or recycled cartons from your used cardboard (requiring compacting and bailing), we believe collecting, sorting, and reusing is a superior, environmentally-positive solution. Also, by eliminating or greatly reducing the need for baling or compacting, we help you reduce your labor cost involved in the processing of scrap at your facility. There are no pull charges or transportation cost and no expensive equipment to buy to participate in this program. Currently, over 75% of scrap corrugated is shipped to foreign markets for reprocessing. We don’t export and we don–t reprocess, we reuse on a local level, therefore benefiting our local environment.

Our Reclaim–Resort–Reuse philosophy is the highest level of recycling. We look for opportunities to reuse corrugated packaging material rather than run it through an outdated, costly recycling system that funnels scrap to the highest bidder in foreign markets that use the material for reprocessing. By providing quality reusable boxes and the option to participate in buy-back programs, we help save money, trees and energy with reusable solutions.

We call this the evolution of recycling, as we strive to reuse and remanufacturer, rather than utilize traditional recycling methods which tend to eat up additional natural resources, including fuel consumption for export to Asian markets.

In a nutshell, we provide recycling programs that offer you the following:

  1. Reduced labor cost and handling expenses
  2. No equipment to buy or maintain
  3. Significantly more revenue than traditional recycling
  4. Highest level of recycling

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