4 Ways To Find Gaylord Boxes That Suit Company Needs



Gaylord boxes differ in thickness, size, and shape. They are ideal containers for shipping, storing, or distributing items. Below  are some factors to consider when finding the ideal box.

1. Know the purpose
Before any buying decision can be made about these boxes, the purchaser must understand the purpose for the box. Will the box be used for shipping or storing produce? A produce quality box would fit the purpose. A company that is shipping lighter weight, but large, items will do well purchasing a single-wall thickness box. Companies interested in shipping heavier contents, like regrind or scrap metal, would find a box with at least triple thickness will do the job. Knowing the purpose of the box’s intended use is crucial for success.

If a company deals with resins, scrap metal, general recycling, bulk items, plastic regrind, and/or produce, it will find these heavy-duty boxes are the ideal solution to distribution, shipping, and/or storage requirements.

2. Find a reputable company
Many boxing companies exist, but only the well-established and reputable ones will place customer service needs first. Companies that have been around for a while usually maintain a large inventory of Gaylord boxes. Dealing with a company that maintains a large inventory can save time, money, and frustration. Some companies, like Boxsmart, maintain an inventory of over 5,000 of these box types and 20 different styles. Customers can walk into the storefront and purchase whichever box suits their needs

3. Know the company budget
Any successful business realizes the importance of staying within the company budget guidelines. Decide how much can be spent on the boxes by doing a financial analysis, taking a look at the business plan, or consulting with a financial professional. Gaylord boxes can be purchased either new or used. This wide price range makes it ideal for all company budgets.

Some companies may prefer spending more and purchasing new Gaylord boxes. Going online to do a search of local companies can be the way to go. Doing a price comparison among three companies is a good recommendation to follow.

Used boxes provide a budget-friendly way to stretch financial dollars. All reputable box sellers will have stringent guidelines that must be met before reselling used boxes to customers. All boxes received from customers will undergo an inspection processed by trained personnel. Those boxes not considered fit for reselling will be used for recycling purposes.

4. Talk with an expert
Gaylord boxes can be confusing to the uninitiated. Boxing professionals are well-trained to understand the boxing industry and all it offers. These individuals and companies will work with customers and find solutions to whatever needs must be met. Budget, size, and purpose are all taken into consideration.

Whether it is called a pallet box, corrugated box, jumbo box, tote, octagonal container, heavy duty box or produce container, the process of finding the ideal Gaylord box can be very time-consuming and appear overwhelming. Consulting with a trained box professional can provide the needed insight to point the customer in the direction of success.