6 Things To Know About Gaylord Boxes


Gaylord boxes stand out from other types of cardboard boxes for a number of reasons. Learning about this specialized area can provide insight into the boxing industry, its versatility, its uses, and its necessity. Below are some factors to take into consideration.

1. Thickness varies

Gaylord boxes come in different thicknesses. This satisfies a number of shipping needs. No matter what the thickness, these boxes are stronger and more durable than other types of cardboard boxes. These are the boxes seen on freight carriers, in produce markets, department store warehouses, scrap metal yards and similar venues. Thicknesses can range from single-wall construction, which are ideal for lighter and larger weight items, to 4-5 wall layer thicknesses. 4-5 layer thicknesses are perfect for companies dealing with shipping heavier scrap metal and bulk regrind.

2. Terminology varies

Gaylord boxes can go by a variety of terms in boxing and shipping industry. These boxes can also be referred to as bulk cargo containers, jumbo boxes, bulk totes, heavy duty boxes, Gaylord totes, produce bins, pallet boxes, and octagonal bins.

3. Perfect for green living

These box types are ideal for helping companies live an eco-friendly awareness. Due to the heavier and sturdier materials, most of these box types can be recycled, reused and returned.  This is crucial for lessening the affects on landfills. Landfills, as any ecologically aware business owner understands, are known for taking up valuable land resources. Landfills emit harmful chemicals into the air. This harms air quality. By recycling, reusing, or returning boxes, fewer natural resources will be used. Fewer trees will be cut down. Less electricity will be used to construct box materials.

4. Optimize space

Companies must optimize valuable space to avoid clutter, workplace confusion, and hindering productivity. Most of these boxes can be broken down and easily stacked, making them ideal space savers for storage or transporting purposes.

5. Provide extra income

Companies are always looking for extra income. Selling used Gaylord boxes is an ideal extra income stream. Firms only need to contact a reputable and professional boxing company and receive top dollar for unused or obsolete boxes of this type. The buyer can come to the seller’s site. Once at the site, the professional can inspect the boxes, bale them into stacks, and haul them offsite. Not only does this give the seller extra income, but it saves valuable company resources. The workforce can be better utilized when this happens.

6. Help companies save money

Cutting costs is always a concern for companies. Shipping expenses can take a chunk out of any firm’s bottom line. Using one large box as a container for numerous smaller shipments is an ideal way to cut expenses. Consolidating shipments save valuable company resources, both from a financial and human aspect. Containers are known for conveniently fitting onto standard shipping pallets.

Every company comes in contact with this type of box some time throughout its operations. This article only provides a summary about this specialized topic. For a greater understanding about this area, consulting with a trained boxing professional can be the best decision a company makes.