7 Interesting Facts About Selling Gaylord Boxes


Gaylord boxes have become the mainstay in the boxing industry. They serve a number of purposes at an affordable price. Learning some interesting facts about selling these popular items will increase awareness and appreciation.

1. Where the name originates

Before a discussion about selling these specialized boxes starts, it is important to understand where the name originates. The box was originally designed and manufactured by the Gaylord Container Company. The name is synonymous is triple-layered, large bulk bin boxes. Over time, the box name has simply been known as the Gaylord.

2. How they differ

The Gaylord box is in a class of its own. They are much sturdier and heavier than other box types. Box thickness vary from single-wall to four-wall construction. Thickness and overall condition play a major role in determining the final sales price.

3. Different terms are used

A number of terms are used in the boxing industry to define these specialized items. Boxes can be known as bulk totes, skid box, bulk cargo containers, heavy-duty boxes, jumbo boxes, pallet boxes, produce bins, gaylord totes, and/or octagonal bins.

4. Transportation can be free

No sales transaction is complete without considering the transportation aspect. The cost to transport the item from the seller’s location to the final destination point must be considered. It is important to realize that many boxing companies place the burden on the seller. Reputable companies, like Box Smart, will pay the entire expense. This will save the seller budgetary dollars which can easily be put back into operations.

5. They can turn into a revenue stream

Many companies have an ongoing supply of Gaylord boxes. Once these boxes have served their useful purpose, they can easily be sold. When the volume is consistent and heavy enough, some companies may find it beneficial to turn the sales into an additional revenue stream.

Reputable box companies, like Box Smart, make it easy to begin this process. The company promises quick, online payments. This saves customers time and expense of visiting a bank, standing in line, and depositing funds. The company has a reputation for paying the highest prices in the boxing industry.

6. They can be reused

Sellers need to understand that every box will undergo a thorough inspection process by a trained boxing professional. Boxes considered in good condition will be resold and/or reused. Good condition boxes will be free of dents, major imperfections or markings, and tears. They are still sturdy enough to serve the purpose. Buying used gaylords is a wonderful way for a buyer to cut operational expenses in a high-quality manner.

7. Boxes can be recycled

Some inspections will reveal box quality to be poor to minimal. Experts determine these boxes lack the strength and sturdiness to perform many functions. Used gaylord boxes that cannot be resold or reused make excellent recycling material. Material can be manufactured into a variety of consumable items including paper products and packaging materials. The list of possible consumables is limited only by the industry manufacturer.

Dealing with a professional boxing company, like Boxsmart, can set consumers on the path towards the overall success.