Keeping Warehouses Free Of The Uninvited


Warehouses are perfect shelters for creatures looking for a haven. The covered roof is an excellent substitute for fending off the outdoor elements. Opened and discarded scrap cardboard boxes or piles of cardboard make the perfect crashing atmosphere. Firms can protect themselves from uninvited intruders in a number of ways as discussed below.

Fix holes
Mice and rats are contortionists. They can easily fit themselves into a small hole the size of a quarter’s width. Firms can protect their warehouse from rodent invasions by patching up any hole as soon as it develops. Assign a company executive or employee to perform a visual inspection of the entire warehouse. Take note of any holes or unexpected openings in the building. Be sure to check doors, walls, and floors.

Break down boxes
Warehouses receive shipping boxes of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Sometimes workers can inadvertently discard boxes into one warehouse location. Perhaps the location is a storage closet. No matter where the area is, discarded boxes make perfect rodent homes. Breaking these boxes down immediately after emptying the contents will lower the chances of rodents taking up residence. A discontent rodent will find another warehouse to invade.

Sell scrap cardboard boxes
Many rodents set up home in a pile of flattened scrap cardboard. Companies may be accumulating the cardboard for future use or resale. Whatever the intended purpose is piles of cardboard need to be rotated. Assign a worker to regularly flip over the pile contents. Doing this will startle any rodent that has already set up home. They may scurry and set up home next door. Rotating also assures companies that no uninvited guests are living there.

When enough cardboard is accumulated, consider selling it to a local boxing company that offers premium rates. Boxsmart has a reputation for doing this.

Store bales above ground level
A great way to lower the chances of a rodent setting up shop in a warehouse is by storing bales above ground level. Rodents cannot climb. Make it impossible to start a home by stacking bales of cardboard two to three shelves above the floor level.

Empty trash cans
Everyone knows that rodents love trash. Firms can keep their workplace and warehouse clean by taking out the garbage daily. Placing the garbage bag into a secure container prevents any rodent from enjoying a free meal. Regularly check for holes in the cans that make it easy for uninvited guests to enter.

Discard food grade cardboard
Scrap cardboard that was used for shipping produce and other perishable food items send out the welcoming flag to rodents. Clean a warehouse immediately of these usually stained and smelly homes. Develop a policy to sell or recycle these boxes as soon as contents are emptied.

Recycle cardboard
Companies with warehouses can help the environment by selling scrap cardboard to a local boxing company. Reputable companies can pick up cardboard and prepare it for recycling. This not only reduces landfill waste, but helps air and soil quality.

Develop a cleaning policy
Keeping a warehouse clean and organized are the best ways to fend off uninvited freeloaders. Make a list of cleaning tasks. Regularly sweep warehouse floors and outside pavements. Keep premises free of trash, glass clippings and unmowed lawns.

Remember to keep all doors closed when, not in use. Open doors are open invitations. Rodents, burrowing insects and other uninvited guests may spread the word that your warehouse is the place to live.