Used Boxes

Terry Lambert

As prices increase for paper, the cost of corrugated, shipping boxes continues to rise. Recently there was a 5-10% increase on corrugated boxes and there has been a 2nd increase announced that is scheduled to take affect sometime in May. As prices increase on shippng cartons, companies are looking for alternative ways to save money on boxes. Instead of purchasing new, custom corrugated boxes, consider utilizing boxes that are used. Used corrugated shipping boxes will allow your company to save significantly on shipping and distribution boxes while helping you minimize the footprint you leave on the environment. Typically you can find boxes that are close in size to your current specifications that are in good, clean condition, perfect for shipping your goods to your stores or to the end customer. Chances are, you might already be utilizing the boxes you receive from your supply vendors that are already flowing through your system. Most companies can’t support their entire box needs with this concept, so they are forced to buy new, expensive boxes. Some feedback I have heard is that the customer, most likely, doesn’t really care what shipping boxes you use as long as the product arrives safely. Large quantities of used, corrugated boxes are available in several hundred sizes. You should not have trouble locating boxes to meet your needs.