Who Can Benefit From Used Shipping Boxes


According to boxing industry experts, used shipping boxes traditionally cost 43% less than new boxes. A number of firms can benefit from this cost-saving. Below are some of more popular entities who find buying these boxes beneficial to overall operations.

Nonprofit Organizations
Unlike profit-oriented firms that can raise capital by selling goods or services, the nonprofit organization relies on donations and funding to meet operational requirements.  These organizations are always looking for cost-saving methods. Buying used shipping boxes is an ideal way to save the entity money. The more money a nonprofit can save on operational expenses, more likely its mission statement will be satisfied. Used shipping boxes cost less than new boxes. The nonprofit entity can easily keep more money in the coffer to satisfy program needs.

The resources of another nonprofit entity, food banks, are continually being put to the test. Increasing numbers of recipients are in need of food. That food has to come from somewhere. It also has to be sent home with food line recipients. Having a sturdy box is needed for these functions. By distributing and receiving food in used cardboard boxes, food banks can be assured of safely transporting food as needed. The food bank’s resources will be optimized by paying lower costs for high-quality used boxes as compared to new boxes.

Big Box Retailers
Retailers continually receive and disburse packages from vendors, manufacturers, and customers. Even the most profitable of businesses have management personnel continually searching for cost-beneficial ways to improve productivity, company finances, and overall operations. Utilizing used shipping boxes as a component of a warehouse management program fits in perfectly. Big box retailers usually deal in large quantities. Many boxing companies offer discounted rates based on purchase quantity.

With the increased demand put upon the globe’s natural resources, recycling is becoming more popular every day. Recycling helps the environment and companies involved. Recycled cardboard can be manufactured into a variety of products according to manufacturer requirements and goals. Goods include paper towels, tissues, cup holders and other items. Used cardboard boxes that are deemed not fit for reuse can be recycled instead of being tossed into landfills. This saves valuable land.

Recycling can also save the company money by lowering its labor and waste costs. Some companies who keep recycling tasks in-house have employees operate baling machines to compact unused cardboard boxes. This increases the risk level for possible injury and workplace safety. Hiring the services of a professional recycling company with employees specially trained in using baling machines can improve a company’s productivity, workplace safety, and overall profitability. Companies can show customers the importance of living a green lifestyle and abiding by environmental issues. This can improve brand loyalty, awareness, and lead generation.

Distribution Centers
Distribution centers rely on efficient warehouse operations that have a strong shipping center in place. Shipping centers receive and disburse large quantities of consumable goods throughout the day. As a vital way to save operational expenses, the firm can choose used cardboard boxes over new, more expensive boxes as a cost-saving measure. Buying boxes from a reputable firm will assure distribution centers that their goods will be safety transported to chosen destinations.

Used cardboard boxes made of durable and high-quality materials can be the optimal way for companies to transport goods in an environmental and cost-effective manner. Working with a boxing professional can provide needed insight into figuring out which box suits the specific needs.